Thursday, January 20, 2011

My so called focus list...

I figured I should really make up a list of things I need/want to focus on. Since this blog will be a mixture of photos and ramblings on my one word for 2011.

So I will be starting with what really triggered this word to pick me for this year, or maybe the good Lord picked it for me.  However it happened it does make a lot of sense for me at this time in my life.
The first thing I need to put focus on is my school work, I need to be more focused in reading the assignments and getting them done before they are due. I'm always rushing around on Thursday's or Monday's to get my assignments done to turn in. I think the only reason is due to the fact of the reading just isn't all that *interesting* not that its an excuse just the way it is with me. So I guess I just need to grin and bare it. Get into the habit of reading and getting things done would make all go smoother.

After finding out that my one class I didn't get a good enough grade on and have to take it again I really realized what I needed to do. Granted that class was one that i struggled with anyway, especially the 8 page paper that was due at the end. Had I gotten a better grade on that I would have passed. Now instead in March I have to take it again AND pay out of pocket to do so. That should be fun, lets hope my stipend is large enough to use that otherwise I have no way to pay for it. Grrr, no one to blame but myself on that one. So that is my first goal, FOCUS on my school work.

The second thing myself and my son need to focus more on is his school work. Basically more him than me, but if I'm focused I can get after him more to get things done quicker and stop dawdling.  That child is stellar at prolonging things. Currently he's doing his math which is just horrible because he has to WRITE, the rest of his schoolwork is on the computer so there's not much handwriting involved. So of course I get complaints as well as being told things take forever because he has to write the problems in a notebook along with the answers. I'm like gee and I never had to do that when *I* was in public school. Just because he's homeschooled doesn't mean he's going to get out of the normal things. Should he ever go back into public school he needs to have some structure in how things are done! So there we need to FOCUS on getting into a smoother routine, one that he knows exactly what is to be done and when. Not that he doesn't have one now, but its going to be reinforced much more now. New year, new start!

Since those are the main two at the moment, I'm going to stop there and work on what other things need to be focused on. I need to FOCUS on making my list of important things to focus on. Including time with the Lord, its been too long for that.

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